In late 2018 I received a phone call from an Agent who was representing a very well known Hollywood Actor. He requested me to come down to the Andaluz Hotel in Albuquerque. There was a specialized position he felt I might have the potential skill set to fill based on a reference he received from a local movie industry source.

Greg the interviewer fired off the first question . “ Mike, what is it that you do?” I replied “I WIN GOLD Medals Sir” it just came flying out of the Chop Certified vault! He looked at me and asked in what way?. I replied “ In Life Sir, in everything I attempt I strive to win the Gold. Being first counts, second place doesn’t count. I said if you melt those Silver and Bronze medals down you’ll get spoons and pennies right, and you cant do a dam thing with that. Winning Gold counts !!

I paused for a moment then continued.” I said Greg I believe in life it’s the hard work you put in while no one is watching that makes the difference. Making sacrifices and doing what others aren’t willing to do is what really gets you ahead. I was a little nervous; I had just gone against any logical approach you’d find for an interview of this caliber, and answered him with riddles that were embedded in my mind from constantly watching videos made by my Jiujitsu Master. I didn’t know if he would end it there , or find my answers worthy to continue.

The verdict came in when he added that to my military background and martial arts pedigree. I had secured the position, the strategy had worked, and I spent the next 32 days, 15 hours a day Protecting A true A list Hollywood star.

In a way I won this position over several other highly qualified candidates because it pays to not only know techniques, and how to fight using jiujitsu, but to understand how it can work for you, for your mind, and your abilities when it comes to real life off the mat scenarios like this interview. I had studied the stories, and the history of my teachers ( Dustin Denes) journey. I knew it so well I was able to recall pertinent pieces of it on improv, and ended up securing this amazing opportunity.