Retired Navy Seal Jason Cabell

There was only one choice in personal security for Laurence Fishburne, and later for Nicholas Cage while shooting the film RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL. Mike Kirby is a consummate professional and a true warrior. He is a wonderful collaborative talent that is a joy to be around. Anything Mike is involved with will be a great success. I’m honored and humbled to call him a friend.

TJ Burns Master Trainer of Fitness Champions

Marissa Xochti Jemenez Jiu-Jitsu Student

Training with Master Mike helped me gain strength and wisdom in both body and mind. He taught me a variety of Martial Arts practices from Kali to Jiu-Jitsu to breathing and mediation techniques. I am able to push myself like never before. The sessions are both challenging and rewarding. I Highly recommend Mountain Lion Jiu-Jitsu if you want to hone into your martial arts skills, or if you looking for something that brings you joy and confidence.

Cassie Howarth Hollywood Actress

“I really enjoyed working with Mike on set, not only for his fight choreography and stunt work, but also his reassuring presence that made us actors feel we were always in safe hands. Mike is very skilled, communicating clearly and easily when coordinating any stunt work, or Martial Arts choreography. He was a tremendous help on set and after seeing the final footage, his work contributed greatly to our film. I would be grateful to work with him again.”

Dave Sickles Jiu-Jitsu Student

Training with Mike Kirby at Mountain Lion Jiu Jitsu has been a great and rewarding experience. Mike has pushed me ever since I started working with him. His instruction and attention to detail really makes me strive to progress more and more. Coming from a sports and military background I thought I had been pushed to my limits. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will make you push even harder. Mike really makes you want to strive to be better in Jiu Jitsu, and also in the way you take care of yourself mentally and physically. Every day is a workout, and Mike doesn’t slack on training or let you slack.

Milan Trullijo Jiu-Jitsu Student

Being mentored under the tutelage of Mike Kirby has been an unparalleled privilege and opportunity. Martial arts training, spiritual guidance, and goal-oriented motivation are only a few of the ways that Mike has contributed to my personal growth. When choosing Mountain Lion Jiu-Jitsu, you can be assured that you will be learning from an exceptional individual who has an extensive background in sport and service, but who has also achieved elite levels in each of his life endeavors. With enthusiasm and passion, Mike instills the confidence of strength and persistence to mentees and friends alike. With Mike Kirby, you know with no reservations that you are being instructed by someone who genuinely supports your personal success.

Elle Alexander V.P. Hollywood Stunt Association

My friend and stuntman Mike Kirby is an amazing person. he teaches at his Academy called Mountain Lion Jiu-Jitsu. I met Mike on a film we were shooting in New Mexico, Spice Williams Crosby was the Stunt Coordinator. Mike was always supportive of everyone, he always had a kind word to say. Hes great with helping out no matter what it is. He’s ex Military and his quick hands for fighting are seriously amazing. We had to slow him down, just so you could see them!!

The Daniel Sisters Jiu-jitsu Students

Training with Mike Kirby makes you feel like a beast! He is such an awesome Instructor, and every time we train I find out something new about him. I swear he trained Batman or something!. Needless to say both my sister and I highly recommend training with Sensei Mike Kirby, and are hooked on Mountain Lion Jiu- Jitsu.

Charles & Carol Moore Parents of Mountain Lion Jiu-Jitsu Youth Students

Me and my both of my kids, who were age 10 and 12 at the time, trained with Mike for about a year. The only reason that we stopped was that Mike moved out west. In the time that we trained with Mike our lives were forever changed. The lessons that my children learned reached far beyond the physical movement of martial arts. They learned self discipline, problem solving and the most important lesson of keeping the connection. Keeping the connection has kept them involved with the family, friends and goals that they count on to grow into adulthood. My boys are now 19 and 21 years old, both with a great work ethic, and both always know that there is a solution when problems arise. They respect themselves, respect others and are aware of and respect their environment. It feels impossible to wrap up in a few words what Mike taught me and my children but my best attempt would be to say that he showed us how to be winners without making our opponents feel like losers. Best training I have ever done; as a martial artist, a business owner, and most importantly as a father.