In 1997 I was a roommate of Dustin Denes while in college . He had just started his journey in Jiu Jitsu at the time, but that didn’t matter he was a force of nature, and huge positive influence. When I was around him there was Zero non productivity, and every second of everyday was spent chasing excellence. Dustin was 1000% dedicated to becoming a world champion in Jiu Jitsu on day one . During that time he would frequently travel several hours one way to Miami to train with the top Instructors . Then he’d return home to our living room Dojo with the latest, and most devastating techniques.  This was my very first taste of drilling , and being submitted by the true power of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He held me up to the highest standard whether it was early morning , or the midnight hours there were intense technique sessions that had to be fulfilled. We spent over a solid year under this kind of regimen, and this was the best foundation which set a future standard for me to follow . Cleans style of Jiu-Jitsu was then, and is now the way and the truth.

One early morning we headed out into the street in front of our house and took off on what was to be to this day an Epic run that only true gifted runners could pull off. The first five or six miles we paced at a sub six minute thirty second per mile pace. I do recall we were running through a pretty tough neighborhood that eventually led us into college town, and straight  into the football Stadium at Florida State University. Again, we hadn’t planned that it just unfolded naturally. Once inside, we attacked a huge amount of the bleachers top to bottom which in itself was high level near impossible for most considering the insane pace of the several miles we spent getting there. I remember leaving the stadium thinking where do we go now? It didn’t matter we were just heavy into the zone , no compass needed, just keep the engine fired up and keep moving, and we did. We continued on for another five or six miles still cruising at something like a seven and a half min per mile pace. This took us to the final upward grueling hill which led us to the last mile of the run. I remember some laughing between us to cover over the leg pain as we realized how hardcore this run was. Obviously this last part back to the house is gonna be harder than what we had already done. Let me tell you when your body stops functioning, a mile is an epic journey in itself. Then Dustin pulled ahead, and I lost sight of him. I began to walk and run in spurts anything to keep moving, and even though my legs and body were starting to shut down I knew I would finish. Running hard side by side with Dustin “WARRIOR STYLE” this remains a stellar memory for us both to this day.